Screen printed posters for Wychwood Festival






Tonight I have done the first print run of my limited edition screen prints for Wychwood Festival! I’m quite pleased with it as I lined it all up each time by eye and its my first ever 2 colour screen print! Only another 42 to do! Should just get it done in time for when the festival starts on Friday. 

Limited Edition Wychwood Festival T-shirts!

This evening I have spent a happy 2 hours printing my design for the limited edition t-shirt for Wychwood Festival this year. I’ve done a run of 50 and am rather pleased with them if I do say so myself! Might do a short run of posters with the same design. If they sell I might be able to afford a new mac! Our living room is now awash with drying t-shirts….. how popular am I?! 

Cornershop Poster Screen Print

I’ve been working on this design for a screen print for the band Cornershop for their gig at Wychwood festival in a few weeks time. Its only a rough at the moment – so excuse the wonkiness! –  but will be produced as a one colour screen print hopefully next week in a limited edition of about 40 or so. I will be selling these at the festival and through the band on their website. If you remember the heady days of I think 1997 and Cornershops’ number one single with Brimful of Asha… everybody needs a bosom  for a pillow!