Screen printed posters for Wychwood Festival






Tonight I have done the first print run of my limited edition screen prints for Wychwood Festival! I’m quite pleased with it as I lined it all up each time by eye and its my first ever 2 colour screen print! Only another 42 to do! Should just get it done in time for when the festival starts on Friday. 

7 thoughts on “Screen printed posters for Wychwood Festival

  1. love the screen print. It creates the atmosphere of the Festival, suggesting a peaceful event, if not hinting at a certain romance. Impressive.
    (Are any of them going to be available to buy, or done as a run of posters?)

  2. Thanks for the comment. I am doing a print run of 60 if so posters which are a little larger than A3 in size. They will be available to buy at the festival and if I have any left I will put some on the net.

    • I’ve got a couple left. They are £15 + postage each if you’d like to buy one. Do you live in the UK? I can let you know paypal details if you want to buy one.

      • Hi Jon,
        I most certainly live in the U.K. Cobham, Surrey to be precise. I’m afraid I don’t have a paypal account but my son does, who lives at the same address, and he has said that he would use his to buy the psoter for me, or alternatively I would have to send you a cheque. If either of these sound viable please let me know.

      • Hi Charles
        A cheque is probably better, the cost including postage is £17 – cheque payable to J Mackay. I will send the poster in a cardboard tube and first class. My address is 20 The Slade, Charlbury, Chipping Norton, Oxon, OX7 3SJ.
        Hope this is all ok.

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