The Lumineers

I’ve been working with The Lumineers a fair amount over the last year to create a number of gig posters for their world tour in support of new album Cleopatra. This is the latest one I’ve done for the second leg of their tour which started last weekend. The posters will be available at the shows on North American dates – EU version to follow in November!

Jon Mackay_Lumineers_Final

4 thoughts on “The Lumineers

    • Hi Lucy. As far as I’m aware the band are only selling them on tour. There will be a version that covers all the cities they’ve played on this tour but not with the dates available soon from their web store.
      Sorry can’t be of much more help.

  1. John, do you know of any way to secure a poster from the first leg of the tour? I’ve collected posters from shows faithfully for years. My first leg Cleopatra poster (summer 2016), which was also your work, was damaged in a recent move. I’m trying my best to secure a replacement. Thanks – love your work!

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