Daughter at Shepherd’s Bush Empire


I was lucky enough to be at Daughter’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire gig last week. Was a great set and an amazing achievement for the band who have a great debut album and have worked incredibly hard this year .It was also great to see the merch stand as I had designed the majority of it! Apologies for the out of focus gig picture!


Greenbelt Festival 2013

I am now the proud owner of some new mugs! Greenbelt Festival used my design on their mugs this year as well as t-shirts and a beanie hat. All very nice! Also saw the very fantastic Black Rebel Motorcycle Club who headlined Greeneblt on the Sunday night. Rock and Roll!




Riverside Festival 2013

Once again this year I designed and made the t shirts for the greatest FREE festival in Oxfordshire – Riverside Festival! This year we put the bands on the t-shirt which on all accounts went down well as they sold out of t-shirts! Always a pleasure to do this design and make their t-shirts!



Greenbelt Festival 2013

Back in June I was asked to submit proposals for t-shirt designs for GreenBelt Festival. It’s Greenbelt’s 40th anniversary this year so I was pleased to be asked to submit – particularly as I used to go to the festival alot in my youth! The brief was to come up with a ‘classic’ t-shirt design that encompassed the spirit of the festival. I used designs from previous festivals to create a design that celebrated their 40 years, apparently they are using my design on t-shirts and mugs this year! The festival takes place this weekend. http://www.greenbelt.org.uk

Classic_Greenbelt Festival

Daughter tour t-shirts

I’ve been working with the band Daughter again for their current European and US tours. I’ve designed a t-shirt for them for the tour which you can now buy online here :



They are available in both mens’ and women’s t-shirts and are £15 each.


Muse T-shirt proposals

A week or so ago I was asked to be part of the pitch for t-shirts and posters for Muse. They have a new single out in conjunction with the Olympics and a new album with a UK and European tour in the Autumn. The brief was to make something quite fashion orientated. Sadly my design ideas weren’t picked but I thought I’d share them here, it was great to be asked though at least!

Muse t-shirt proposal.

Muse t-shirt proposal.

Wychwood Festival T-shirts

Over the last week I have been working on front prints for the t-shirts and hoodies and Wychwood Festival. Have gone for a two colour print which should look great on the different colours of shirt they have this year. Lots of great bands playing this year including James, Hawkwind, Bellowhead and Duke Special to name but a few.

More info can be found here : http://www.wychwoodfestival.com

Limited Edition Wychwood Festival T-shirts!

This evening I have spent a happy 2 hours printing my design for the limited edition t-shirt for Wychwood Festival this year. I’ve done a run of 50 and am rather pleased with them if I do say so myself! Might do a short run of posters with the same design. If they sell I might be able to afford a new mac! Our living room is now awash with drying t-shirts….. how popular am I?!