Limited Edition Wychwood Festival T-shirts!

This evening I have spent a happy 2 hours printing my design for the limited edition t-shirt for Wychwood Festival this year. I’ve done a run of 50 and am rather pleased with them if I do say so myself! Might do a short run of posters with the same design. If they sell I might be able to afford a new mac! Our living room is now awash with drying t-shirts….. how popular am I?! 

More t-shirt ideas for Wychwood Festival.

I’ve been working on this rough sketch this evening as a t-shirt idea for Wychwood Festival. I think it would be printed as a one colour print, if we choose the colour of print well, we could make the colour of the t-shirt the 2nd colour. I want to add some octopus tentacles to it, not sure why….it just feels like it could do with some! I wanted to get across how much goes on at this festival alongside the music which I hope this design does in some way. Currently listening to The Holloways ‘generator’ with a glass of red wine!