Band of Horses

At the end of December I was asked to put some proposals together for Band of Horses’ EU tour in support of their new album ‘Why Are You OK?’ which was realised in 2016. There wasn’t huge amounts of direction to follow so I went through he album and read a few interviews with the band to help get a few ideas going. A theme of home seemed to be coming through in various forms on a number of tracks which I explored in my ideas for the band. Its nice to be now at the stage where the band of signed off the illustration they like and to have all but finished the screen prints. Here’s a few shots of the prints with two colours down yesterday. More to follow when they’re all done!

New Bear’s Den Print

Last month I designed and made another print for Bear’s Den in celebration of their debut album Islands. They are a limited edition of 100 prints and are available at shows on the current tour – the band are next in Austin on the 13th if you’re in the area. There is also a t-shirt version of the poster for those who buy the ticket / album / t-shirt bundle for their European tour early next year….. I’m also going to try and be a bit better updating this blog too!–album–t-shirt/Bear's Den Islands