Screen Printing Experiments

I’ve been trying out screen printing over a spray painted background this morning which is looking quite good I think. If I can make it work a bit better I thought this could be quite good in individualising prints even more, might suggest this to Howler management for the May European tour poster. I’ve also got roughs to do for Cornbury Festival and to finalise a design for the Vaccines. Busy! Let me know what you think of the prints from today.

Howler gig in Birmingham

Went to the Howler gig in Birmingham last night amidst the snow. Great set although a little short at just 37 minutes! Every night has been sold out on the tour with the band doing their final show in the UK in London tonight. The band signed one of the posters to say thanks which was good. Looks like their could be another poster for the May tour coming as well. Rock and Roll!

New Howler Screen Print.

Due to the success of the first print I did for Howler – which I hear is almost sold out already, they have commissioned a second design which I have just finished printing about half an hour ago! Looking really good and getting lots of positive comments from fans of the band… I just need to sleep now! Howler started their tour tonight in Bristol.

Howler Screen Prints on the website.

Today has been quite a rock and roll kind of day. Howler have started advertising the screen printed posters on their website today and there seems to have been a fair amount of interest which is great.

Have a look just here :

Also today I have had some interest from James to do posters for them for the Wychwood Festival which they are headlining this summer in June.

Seems like a very long time ago now!

Howler Tour Poster Test Prints

Tonight I have done my first run of test prints for Howler’s European tour poster. I am feeling particularly pleased as I managed to perfect screen printing on my own home made print table and didn’t make any mistakes! This also means no more getting up at stupid ‘o clock to get into Oxford and do my screen printing! Now I just need to do the final print run for Howler’s tour and everything will be great!

This is the latest single from Howler “Back of Your Neck’. Their European tour starts in Liverpool on the 23rd.